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I recently had the opportunity to connect with Rebecca, founder of HireNurses.com.  She decided to address the problem that so may of you have written to me about.. you can’t find a nursing job!  So I asked her to write a guest blog post about her new nursey company and her passion to help nurses connect with employers.  I love how passionate she is about helping others and achieving her dream.  Below is her guest blog post!

New Nursing Graduate: “Hi. I’m a new nurse. I’d like to apply for your nursing job.”

Employer: “We are glad you are nurse. Come back to us when you get experience.”

This conversation is taking place way too often today. And it’s a catch 22 for new nurses – “I’d like to get a job, but I can’t get a job without experience.”

I became a nurse because I wanted to help people, to make a difference in the lives of others, to change the world for the better – pretty much a similar story to almost every nurse I know. A group of some of the most selfless and compassioned people I have had the pleasure of knowing. However, I have not stayed a nurse for the same reasons I became a nurse, as I’m not sure that those reasons after the reality of nursing would have kept me practicing in our current nursing environment. I’ve stayed a nurse because I want to empower nurses.

A familiar scene: recent nursing grads that can’t find a job

March – one of the toughest winter months in the Northeast.  I was meeting with a group of my recent nursing graduates who were in my office going over resumes, as they were all struggling to find jobs. I could hear the frustration in their voices, see it on their faces and feel it in the desperation that seemed to hang in the air. Student loans were kicking in, expenses were increasing and there were no nursing jobs on the horizon. The funny thing was that this phenomenon didn’t seem to only apply to my recent nursing graduates, I had talked to many nurses with years of experience struggling to find a position not at the bedside. This seemed crazy to me, we had all heard about the great nursing crisis – not enough nurses for all the nursing jobs. So why couldn’t nurses connect with these positions?

I went online, thinking that there had to be a place that connected nurses with career opportunities. Everything from private individuals who wanted to hire nursing students to hospitals looking for nurses – but to my complete shock there was none. I then thought back to my own experience as a new graduate, where I spent hundreds of hours going from website to hospital website looking to see if there was an open nursing position. It was total insanity! And recently I had a conversation with an employer asking me if I knew of any qualified nurses as their ads for nurses never brought them many candidates. And just like lightening striking my brain – I knew what needed to be done.

Two nurses putting it all on the line to fund their dream

I called my favorite nurse, my mother, and asked her to join me in founding HireNurses.com. Truth be told, it couldn’t have been done without her, as my mom cashed out her retirement as an oncology nurse to fund the development. And together we began building HireNurses.com with a vision to empower nurses in their careers. We didn’t want this to just be a job board or a posting site. We wanted HireNurses.com to be a community that empowered nurses through customized profiles highlighting their experience and requirements for a great career opportunity. We wanted our nurses to be recruited for their skill sets, and to find opportunities that would keep them practicing from their first day of their nursing career to their list.  From positions at the bedside, to teaching, to business, to home care, consulting and beyond – HireNurses.com would be the place for nurses of any experience level to connect with great career opportunities. And that is what we are building.

What HireNurses.com has to offer

So, if you are looking for a nursing job or maybe aren’t looking – but wouldn’t mind be recruited – then join HireNurses.com! It’s 100% free, plus we are changing the future of nursing! By organizing nurses where they can clearly describe what they want in a career from an employer – it reverses the current trend where nurses are told how much they will make and the schedule they will work.

It’s time for nurses to redefine their profession. Empowering nurses to put their best skills forward and allow a place where employers can connect with the best nursing talent. There is so much more than just great career opportunities at HireNurses.com – there are discounts on great things, awesome events and our blog that consistently publishes nurses to have their voices heard in healthcare.

Plus, we are starting to host regional nursing job fairs; our first being in Boston on in March– it’s an amazing event with major hospitals to national corporations who all want to hire you. In addition, we will have an innovators corner where leading healthcare startups are exhibiting their amazing inventions for nurses. You don’t want to miss it! Next stop Chicago in Fall 2015.


Rebecca Love RN, MSN, ANP & Founder of HireNurses.com is a busy mom of 3, who teaches nursing in Boston, in between building a business and raising kids. Her life motto “there is no time like the present”