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Are you looking for the newest giveaway? Check out Nurses Week 2018 Freebies and Giveaway.

Happy Nurses Week!

A few weeks ago I talked about some different ideas for Nurses Week.

Nurses end up feeling short changed, as another year goes by when their hours of overtime, staying late, and switching their schedule last minute is merely recognized with a cookie platter delivered to the unit on their day off, and a water bottle with a logo that rubbed off in about a week.

nurses week

This year instead of wishing you a happy Nurses Week and calling it good, I decided to try and put together a fun giveaway. It is pretty simple. There are different prizes given away each day. Some will have multiple winners, some will just have one. Use this simple form to enter:

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The Prizes!



Unfortunately I cannot giveaway a car but I do have a list of what I think are some fun nurses week prizes.

Badge Blooms

5 winners will each receive their choice of a Badge Reel from BadgeBlooms.

nures week

Not only do they offer a huge selection of Badge Reels but they are also giving 30% off orders of $10 or more thru May 12th with Promo Code BLOOMSNURSES2017

Do you love to read?

Fast Facts for the Triage Nurse

Lynn Visser is giving away a copy of Fast Facts for the Triage Nurse. This book will not only by signed by Lynn Visser but also by the other two authors.

Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse

While Lynn Visser was not the main author, she does have a couple of chapters in Fast Facts for the Radiology Nurse. One nurse will win a copy of this book also.

Becoming Nursey, What’s Next, and Admit One

I’m also going to sweeten the deal by offering a signed copy of all three of my books. One winner will receive a copy of Becoming Nursey, What’s Next, and Admit One.

nurses week

Explore the world of natural nursing solutions with Soothing Scents

Developed by a nurse anesthetist, Soothing Scents makes 100% natural and earth-friendly essential oil inhalers to combat PONV and ease patient anxiety – without pills, unwanted side effects, or the need for a doctor’s order. Our flagship product, QueaseEASE, is used in over 1,000 hospitals and clinics across the country, and is a go-to essential for medical professionals who are looking for natural but effective ways to help their patients.

Each giveaway kit contains:

  • 1 x QueaseEASE inhaler for general nausea and travel-related queasiness
  • 1 x Expecting designed specifically for morning sickness
  • 1 x Focus for mental clarity and stamina
  • 1 x Still for relaxing the body and mind
  • 10 sample-size Quick Tabs that can be given to patients and last for up to 72 hours.

nurses week

Don’t forget to enter and share the giveaway with other nurses.



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