A Day in the Life of a Night Shift Nurse Spouse or Roommate

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Being married to or living with a nurse is a very specific experience. It’s not like your friends, who may work 9-5 and have a predictable schedule. So if your soon-to-be spouse or roommate is a night shift nurse, get ready! This post was compiled with the help of my husband.

0830 – your nursey spouse/roommate gets home after their shift

spongebob tired

0832 – while you’re trying to eat breakfast, they start telling you about their shift

tumblr inline mk9p0votkQ1qit8lu

0835 – they’re fighting to stay awake when you start talking



0837 – um. yea. they’re done


1200 – you come home for lunch ever so quietly

tumblr inline mpd3wc8Lk51qz4rgp

1210 – mid-lunch break your neighbor starts to mow his lawn and your nurse wakes up

tumblr inline mtnpvnVQtl1rynlhg

 1212 – now they’re starving and eat the first 12 things they see

1217 – back to bed!


1700 – you get home from work and they’re just waking up, about to make their breakfasty/dinner half asleep


1730 – you just got out of your work clothes into your comfies and they’re headed to work

tumblr mcrl5gGXBu1ro8qpo

0221 – they send you 50 text messages about something crazy that just happened at work

tumblr mr79yaYc491sp9fcho1 250

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  1. Barbara Cooley

    HI KATI !! I just read this page, laughing all the way through. Its almost like you have a secret camera in my house and you know exactly the daily routine at my house! TOO FUNNY!!!!! THANK YOU!!


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