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This post is for those of you married to a nurse.  The nurse life is unique, as is the nurse spouse life.  This post was inspired by my husband, who helped me compile it.  Enjoy!

You try to gently wake them up at 0445 because they’ve slept through their alarm.

the simpsons punch

They get home and act like you’re gross when you try to hug them.


You are really proud of yourself for making an awesome, hot dinner that’s been timed perfectly for when they get home.

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Annnndd then someone coded or crapped at shift change and it’s cold when they get home.

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Then they are really grumpy until they get to eat and then they’re completely content.

patrick eating

They either totally gross you out with how their day went..


or make you totally depressed.

Lion King

And then they’re asleep by 9:15 pm.

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