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This book is my one-stop reference guide to help YOU become a safe and efficient nurse as fast as possible. It is comprised of my progression from nursing school to critical care with some tips, tricks, and shenanigans along the way.

Stories in Becoming Nursey 

The Man, the Student Nurse, and the Condom Catheter

Entrapment: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

My First Code Blue

My First Bed Change

The Shift that Broke Me

Topics in Becoming Nursey

Time management skills for both floor nursing and critical care

Calling physicians

Basic assessment skills

Mistakes I have made

Code blues for newbies


My nursing school ten commandments

What I think it means to be a good nurse

I also talked about the time I got poop on my face. Yes. Poop on my face.

Thoughts about Becoming Nursey

Out of 168 reviews on Amazon, 76% are 5-star and 11% are 4-star

Out of 310 ratings on Goodreads, 48% are 5-star and 29% are 4-star

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Where to purchase Becoming Nursey


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The second edition is coming!

The first edition sold more than 20K copies in three years!  Nursing schools and nurse residency programs are beginning to use it as curriculum in courses, it’s been given as a class nursing graduation gift, and it’s become part of new graduate nurse orientations.  Since, the American Nurses Association has picked it up!  We teamed up to create, craft and perfect the second edition of Becoming Nursey!

I doubled my word count, interviewed a physician, added more in-depth information on prepping for nursing school, dealing with difficult situations, and more!

It will be released for Nurses Week 2017!

Please stay tuned!


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