Nurse Product Review: BadgeBlooms® Badge Reels

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This is a sponsored review blog post.  All opinions are my own and honest.

Badge Reels

Today’s nurse product review is of the BadgeBlooms® nurse badge reels.  Melissa, the founder, sent me 4 different designs to try out.  Check out my nurse badge reel review below!

First assessment

My only concern straight out of the box was that my favorite one (the BRAIN, duh) was felt and not something I could easily wipe.  I was concerned about being able to clean it appropriately should any gross stuff get on it.  However, I did have the other brain one (pictured below) to use that I could easily clean.  I feel like the felt ones would probably be better for people that don’t work in direct-patient care or direct-care areas that don’t typically deal with a ton of flying bodily fluids.

Things I look for in nurse badge reels

I want the alligator claw back – NOT the clip. I hate the ones that clip onto your scrubs (see my video review if you’re not sure what I mean here).
IMG 8365


IMG 8346 1

BACK – this is the claw back I look for

I also want them to be easy to clean, and I want them not to droop when my heavy badge is attached.  I have my pen light and a few pins on my badge so it gets a bit heavy.  I also don’t use lanyards because I just end up smacking my patients in the face with them every time I assess them.
IMG 8351

My PERRLA badge reel + my pen light

What I think about BadgeBlooms®

I wore these bad boys for two shifts and they met all of my aforementioned badge reel requirements.  I think they’re good quality and held up well when I badged in and out of rooms all day.  They stayed in place on my scrubs.  They also did not droop at all.

I also think the price-point is appropriate.  There are a ton of options (from funny to personalized to military to professional) and they range from $4.99-$18.99… from the ones I checked out.  There’s over 1000 different badge reel options (say whhhhhatt!) so I didn’t search through every single option.  The store has been up since 2011 and she has a 5 star rating with over 5,400 reviews and over 42,000 sales.  That track record alone would have been enough for me to purchase.

I definitely recommend these.  I think the price-point is appropriate for the quality and design and if you get one on sale or buy a pack, I think you’re getting a really good deal.

Also, BadgeBlooms® has always donated a portion of proceeds to a charity dear to the founder called the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation in Chicago, IL!

About the shop owner

Melissa, the founder of BadgeBlooms® is a NURSE, people!  She started this business when the badge reel she purchased broke after a
few months and decided to make her own.  This turned into making them for her coworkers, then opened an Etsy shop, and now they are the No. 5 best performing shop on Etsy for the accessories category, recently invited to sell on Amazon’s new Handmade Division, has been featured in her local newspaper, as well as Scrubs Mag online a few times!  Well done Melissa, well done.

When asked about the name BadgeBlooms®, she stated, “Just as a flower transforms from a bud to an eye catching bloom, BadgeBlooms® have transformed the old boring badge reel.”

And check out BadgeBlooms® on Instagram and Facebook.  She features many giveaways and coupons on Facebook, so go like her page to stay updated!  And if you have one, take a pic with it an tag it #badgebloomselfie!


Where you can get yours

Click here to go to Etsy to view her full shop!

Click here to get some on Amazon!

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