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Alright people, I have to share with you my new favorite work shoes..

Note: I am not being paid to say this – this is not a sponsored post.  This is a “I love these shoes so so much, I must share with the masses” post.  

I used to be a Dansko girl through and through.  However, I rolled my ankle one too many times.  I started to venture out into other brands the past year or so but have returned home to my dear Dankso brand.  However, it is a newer line from Dansko called, Work Wonders.

They’re a little cheaper ($100 vs. $140) than the traditional Dansko shoe.  The heel is smaller (and I therefore can walk easier in them and don’t roll my ankle whilst running up and down stairs or to a patient hopping OOB) and they fit a little more snuggly.  I feel like I can move quicker in them than the other ones.  I’ve worn them for about four 12 hour shifts and for a few meetings here and there.  They withstood the nursey test – my knees and legs did not hurt after wearing them for 14+ hours at a time and I did not get blisters, nor did I need to break them in.  My legs felt like they did when I wore my old traditional Danskos.

The only concern I had was already addressed.  I originally was concerned that they would start ripping at the bend (you can see creases in the show in the pic below).  However, Danskos reached out to me personally to let me know that problem has already been addressed.  Apparently there was a design flaw in the first batch of that shoe that was manufactured and they’ve already corrected issue!  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Danskos from wearing them for years is their outstanding customer service.

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I’m also pictured wearing my current favorite compression socks.  I’ve tried quite a few kinds.  Nabee are awesome, but they have more compression than I need.  I save those for car trips and whatnot.  I’ve tried some others that are too thin/sheer and fall down after half of my shift.  These are my happy medium, made by Cherokee.  Slightly more compression and longer.  Also, they’re only $6.99 so you can’t really beat that!  I actually bought 3 pairs as my Secret Santa gift at the hospital this year!

The store that I got both them from the Alegria Cherokee in South Charlotte, NC.  Here is a link to the website.  Please note, they are working on getting these products on their site, but they’re not up yet.  I wanted to let you guys know ASAP though about these great items and where I got them!  If you are interested in purchasing them please give the store a call or walk in and mention this post!  They will ship the Danskos free of charge to Nurse Eye Roll fans!

If you purchase anything on the Algeria Cherokee website, please enjoy a 20% discount and free shipping (orders over $50) with the promo code KLEBER20!

Alegria Cherokee Store

7868-K Rea Road

Charlotte, NC 28277

704.542.6743 phone


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