Our Nursing Reality – Part II

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Back in November, I posed a question to my nursey Twitter buds:

If you were on a reality show.. what moment in your nursing career would you want the world to see? #nursingreality

The response was jaw dropping.  Every single tweet I read moved me to tears… either from laughing so hard or being so moved from the sorrow, sacrifice, and experience of a fellow nurse on the front lines.  It is amazing what stories we can tell in 140 characters.

Once again, grab some tissues because they’re going to tug on your nursey heart strings..

‪@shelby_bunch:  the first time parents who have tried forever to have a baby, see their newborn.

@shelby_bunch:  Tonight 1 of my residents who hasn’t had a visitor in months got 3 visitors. Her face lit up. It made my day.

‪@cardiackidRN:  Parent saying they were going to stay the night but feeling okay to leave bc you’re taking care of their baby.

‪@harris_noelleplaying endless hours of Xbox with a 17y.o. dying of lung cancer. Turning volume to max when his hearing went

‏‪@renejanern:  holding a pt’s hand while she passed away.  Later finding out from her dpoa that the dr said I was outstanding.

‏‪@barbpetersen:  Telling a weary pt it’s ok to go with the dead relatives. Some need permission to go celestial, and families are rarely ready.

‪@NewSoutheRNurse:  Bundling a preemie up extra tight & taking her out the heated incubator to rock her to sleep bc she has no interaction.

‏‪@eemills02:  When our own colleagues struggle with personal illness & tragedy & still come to work w/ a smile on their face

‪@TheKatieduke:  Keeping your intox pt at bay until the NYPD arrive to arrest him while the man he assaulted gets sutured in the other room..

‪@TheKatieduke:  Convincing a patient that they can tell you all the drugs and bad things they have done- bc we aren’t here to judge. Ever.

‪@BedsideRN:  Pt calls for his wife then apologizes again. “Everything’s muddled up. I forget she’s not there.” ‪#sadnights

‪@barbeedoll08:  fighting for a newborns life for 12 hours straight till it dies. And still caring for it’s brother 3 mos later

‪@sassyfinsloan:  rocking and singing to a frantic NAS baby for 6 straight hours so she doesn’t wake the rest of the unit

‪@TiffanyMcCain:  having a pt just diagnosed w/ cancer light up as they tell you about their baptism in the creek 🙂

‏‪@r0bynRN:  My home care patient with MS who looks me in the eye and says “Thank you. I miss you when you aren’t here.”

‪@TiffanyMcCain:  rocking a baby to sleep in the NICU while holding the passy in her mouth because she isn’t able to on her own

‏‪@fewspokenwordsmaking it possible for a new mom to hold and rock her intubated baby for the very first time.

‏‪@KaleighP13:  showing an ICU pt of 9 days a photo of his infant grandson and he whispered “he’s my everything” as he cried.

‪@NurseSass:  holding it together until you make it to the bathroom after you tried so hard but your pt still died.

‪@ashleycurlll:  watching my stroke pt point at a coke can and say can when she started out mumbling. We both cried. Amazing.

‪@joskajess:  when ur pts wife cries and kisses u bc she’s so grateful u took time to help them understand what was happening

‪@MarciaKehoe:  holding the hand of a pt with 3rd degree burns to 85%, looking at each other with tears in our eyes

‪@LizH1974:  since today is the 75th anniversary of the night of the broken glass, a holocaust survivor who told me I was doing God’s work

‪@Th0rped0when the resident chaplain comes to the floor to bless your hands.

‪@eemills02:  When your pt codes & dies on his birthday just 30 mins before his 8 yo son is coming up to wish him happy bday

‪@tyler_kuhk:  Spotting a pt’s ST-elevation before onset of CP in order to send to cath lab ASAP before RCA occludes again.

‪@cadieg:  trying not to go ballistic on a pt complaining about the wait time after you’ve just called a pediatric code

‪@WV_nurse:  when a dissecting AAA pt comes back and says thanks for helping save their life, there is no better feeling

‪@miranduhh17:  I swear my patients always code in the bathroom and I’m always doing CPR on the floor, in pee :/ ‪#vasovagal

‪@Mztr_e:  Helping a confused hemiplegic patient eat even after he’s punched you and other staff repeatedly

‪@MoJo_RN:  having it take every oz of your willpower not to fkn clock the freq flyer who just spit in your coworkers face

‪@nursetritri:  Hematuria pt FINALLY asleep, foley clogs. Get CBI running after 20 min silent struggle so he stays asleep

‪@cardiackidRNUnderstanding that death isn’t the worst thing that can happen to a patient. ‪#PalliativeCare

‏‪@carriebransom:  Turning helicopter around in air b/c 24 weeker at ref hospital died before u could make it. Quiet ride home.

‪@chelseyrae31:  dancing for my 80 yo confused liver pt while rapping Salt N Pepa and watching her clap and laugh.  ‪#hospice

‪@sproch66:  Best was letter from Organ Alliance for your pts organs you kept going with multiple drugs/vent to transplant

‪@aboulomania:  Helping the meanest pt I’ve ever met walk for 1st time since traumatic amputation after he called me a b****.

‪@EricaYolanda:  bittersweet when my fav homeless patient died in the hospital. At least I know he didn’t die alone in the cold

‪@Run_Fox_Run:  Having one last dance with a WWII vet, whose wife just died, before we transport him to hospice in another state ‪#EMS

‏‪@EricaYolanda: while rubbing some baby powder through my 87 y/o patients hair he says “That’s the s***!”

If you would like to read more tweets, please search nursing reality on Twitter.

Note:  I removed most hashtags and made small grammatical changes for ease of reading.  Otherwise, these tweets were unedited. 

Thank you to each and every single nurse out there, doing what you do best; taking care of the patients that so desperately need you.

Thank you.

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