Please note, I was not compensated for this review, but I was provided with a complimentary badge reel.

I was recently asked if I would try and review these badge holders from the Nurse Born Products website:  Nurse Born Custom Badge Reels

They are $18.99 for a custom image reel and $10.99 for a standard one.

They are custom made, so naturally I wanted to put a brain on mine because I LOVE neuro.

They sent me a complimentary set of one clip badge reel and one that goes around your neck.

Now, I know what you’re thinking oh nursey friends of mine.. no, I would never wear one around my neck because a patient can grab it and strangle me. Yes, I thought of that too, which is a very real concern. There is a quick release thing that pops if pressure is applied – problem solved.

One of the features described is the “no twist clip”. We all know the tendency of most badge holders to flip over so people never know who you actually are. I was really excited when I saw that listed because mine is always flipped backwards. However, I forgot that all of the doors in my unit are badge access doors. That means that I have to pull my badge from its place to the badge reader to get into the med room, the supply room, the break room, etc. When I release it after badging in/out, it slides back up.  Because of this, it naturally flips so that it’s no longer forward facing.  Therefore, whether or not it’s got something on it that prevents it from flipping over is irrelevant because of how many times I have to badge in and out of rooms.

This would be an awesome and helpful feature if your rooms are not badge access and your badge stays in place all day.

However, I do LOVE my custom-made brain badge reel. It looks so neuro-y.

I wore the badge reel that goes around my neck during patient care one day and only one day. Every time I leaned over a patient, I almost hit them in the face with my badge. I found myself slinging it behind my back half the day because I didn’t want it to touch the patient or their bed.

I do love wearing it for when I have to come in for meetings and have to wear business casual because I hate clipping things onto my fancier/delicate shirts with the regular badge reel. I feel like it really weighs the shirt down, looks terrible, and damages the fabric.

So I use my regular clip one when I’m working with patients and switch to my around the neck one when I come in for meetings and am not wearing scrubs.

You can get whatever image you want placed on the badge reel, your name, initials, credentials, etc! I love having a cool one because when you have to wear a uniform to work, there’s only so much about it that you can be creative with and I think this is one of those ways. Just make sure whatever you get is appropriate. You don’t want to offend anyone with your badge reel!

You can order yours here, at the Nurse Born Products website.  And check out some of their other products, like the stethoscope holder that I love and use every day as well!  Here’s my review of the scope holder.