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The FreshRN VIP Membership

Private Nursing Community and Career Toolkit

This exclusive members-only space is packed to brim with tools and resources to help you feel more confident as a nurse and connect to your profession.

Resources include:

  • A private community of nurses – where you can engage in conversation anonymously, asking the questions you’re too nervous to publicly ask!
  • Access to three FreshRN Courses
  • Monthly office hours with Kati
  •  Kati’s Ratings, where Kati will purchase and try out various nurse-related products, and give you 100% honest, non-sponsored reviews
  • Unlimited access to The Asset Vault – all FreshRN website downloads, webinar recordings, and mini-courses all in one spot
  • Access to three courses Critical Thinking (exclusive to VIP), Preceptor Pro, and Charge Nurse Jump Start.
  • An exclusive 40% discount on all other FreshRN courses

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