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What is FRESHRN?

FRESHRN is an online resource for nurses; educating new nurses by meeting them where they are with humor, clinical knowledge, authenticity, and warmth clearly and concisely so that every nurse entering the profession is better equipped to provide care for both their patients and themselves in a sustainable manner!

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This course gave me the information I needed to sound confident in my unit about basic concepts and the courage to ask questions about what I didn’t understand! I’m able to communicate more effectively with my neurosurgeons and feel much more equipped to give them the information they are looking for when they round! It’s been such a confidence booster for me right off of orientation – I am so thankful for the work you do for all us baby nurses!! It is 150% worth it – I’ve told every single new grad on my unit about it since I was hired!

Rachel Garrou, BSN RN

Neurosurgical/Trauma ICU

I transitioned from Med surg to the neuro icu at the busiest trauma center in the nation! This course made my transition easier because I was able to learn about neuro disease processes, equipment, medications etc., before my orientation. I was able to focus on the clinical aspect of my training, which impressed my colleagues. Thank you so much!

Nyla A, BSN, RN

Neuro ICU

Most recently, I was able to detect a pupillary change in my patient that was likely related to over-sedation. … All of the FreshRN courses are helpful and encouraging. Kati Kleber and her colleagues share must know information that may be otherwise challenging to learn during orientation. You can also go back to the lessons at any time to review course content, and preparation is ultimately the key to becoming a competent and safe nurse.

Inga Schwartz, MSN RN CNLA, NREMT

Critical Care Unit

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Stepping into the ICU can be daunting, especially when confronted with complex drips and medical jargon. “ICU Drips for Beginners” is your shortcut to confidence. Dive into key terms, understand vasoconstrictors, and get hands-on guides, complete with downloadable charts. Elevate your ICU skills and knowledge — click to start lesson #1 now!