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Inpatient to Outpatient: Transitioning from the ICU to Primary Care

Inpatient to Outpatient: Transitioning from the ICU to Primary Care

For the first nine years of my nursing career, I worked as a RN in a trauma/surgery intensive care unit at a Level One trauma hospital. I started there as a baby nurse, fresh out of school and clutching my NCLEX in hand as proof (or reassurance) that I could work in such a place. Needless to say, the ICU far exceeded my expectations. I learned how to take care of intubated, sedated patients with open bellies and extensive wounds. I learned how to manage CRRT on patients with complex comorbidities. I learned what a productive code looks like and how to avoid a chaotic one. It was a hard, all-encompassing experience at times. And while there were some tears and self-doubt early along the way, I grew to be a proficient nurse in a stressful environment. I grew to love everything about the ICU.

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This is information you can take with you and apply to your practice, life, or career immediately.  This isn’t a site of good ideas, thoughts, or theory.  This is a hub of practical and useful information to help you be a better, safer, more practically and emotionally prepared to care for patients today.


With so much reading between the lines to figure out if someone is trying to sell you something or truly help you become a better nurse, honesty with my information and intentions is a foundation of my practice. If I recommend a product or service, it is because myself or someone I trust stands behind it. If I discover information I provided was unclear or inaccurate, a correction will added as soon as possible.


After years of learning how to provide care in a theoretical situation, it’s hard to know what’s important and what’s not at the bedside.  My promise is to continually provide you straight to the point, fluff-less information that is applicable to what you’re doing now.  There is no skimming to find the important information.


I’ve worked at the bedside personally in various units at different hospitals. I personally know what it feels like to care for patients and their loved ones.  Nursing is a team sport and I have been a member of the team since 2010.  I was a player for 6 years, now I’m a coach.