Who owns, operates, and writes content for FreshRN.com?

Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K

What is Kati’s clinical background?

Kati graduated from nursing school in 2010.  She worked in a cardiac step-down unit for 2 years before working in a neurosciences critical care unit for 4 years.  She obtained her critical care certification from the AACN in 2015, and has experience as a certified preceptor and charge nurse, with policy and procedure review, shared governance, and is a published author with the American Nurses Association. Kati completed her Masters of Nursing Education in 2018.

What non-clinical things does Kati do in the nursing world?

Kati has published five books – please see the Books page for more info.

She has been received the Nurse of the Year Award from the Charlotte Business Journal and was a Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina Recipient, both in 2015.  Kati has been featured on the TODAY Show, CNN, Dr. Oz, US World News and Report, and many more.

She has been a featured speaker at various events. Please visit KatiKleber.com/speaking for more information.

Ok, I know all-things nursing related to Kati… does she do anything not nursing-related?

Kati lives in Champaign, IL.  She lives with her husband John, two kids, and two adorable rescue lab-mixes, Mac and Tosh.  She loves TV – 30 Rock, the Office, the Crown, Fraiser, and Game of Thrones are her current faves.  She also enjoys cooking – she’s recently perfected her homemade wings recipe.  And quoting her favorite movies and shows is definitely something she thoroughly enjoys.

How do I contact Kati for media inquiries?

For inquiries related to freelance writing, interviews, or speaking engagements, please go to our contact page here and fill out a request with pertinent details and a member of the FreshRN team will get back to you.

What’s the purpose of FreshRN.com?

The purpose of FreshRN is to help new graduate nurses in their transition into successful bedside nurses, by providing practical and concise information as well as encouragement and support. When Kati was a brand new nurse, she felt pretty lost and alone.  She convinced herself that everyone else was smarter, more prepared and even looked better doing it.  However, once she got to know other new grads, she realized they all felt the same – scared, ill-prepared, and overwhelmed.

What is the FreshRN mission, goal and promise to new nurses, nursing students, and experienced nurses alike?

Our mission is to grow new nurses into confident, comfortable and safe care providers.

Our goal is to decrease the amount of time it takes for the new graduate nurse to get to this point.

Our promise is honesty.  If a company is mentioned, that means we stand behind them and actually use their product or services.  If we discover that any information provided is inaccurate, a correction will be issued.

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