Are you a new graduate nurse who dreads every single shift?

Are you having trouble mentally disconnecting from the bedside so that you can actually enjoy the rest of your life outside of the hospital?

Are you wanting to do all you can to prepare for your first day as a registered nurse in a hospital?

Do hospital leaders, physicians, and charge nurses terrify you?

I was once in your shoes. As a new graduate, I was so nervous because I always had this image in my mind of what good nurses knew.  When I finally had a nursing license in my hand, what I knew was so far off of what I thought I would know.

I was so fearful that someone would figure me out… that someone would realize that I didn’t know what nurses should know… I had imposter syndrome pretty bad.

This was especially frustrating after spending years of work and thousands of dollars to learn how to be a nurse  – and here I was, all 5’10” of me awkwardly standing at the side of my patient’s bed, barely able to articulate what I was doing let alone why.

I started out in 2010 on a cardiac med-surg unit and somehow found my way. Since, I’ve worked in stepdown and neurocritical care. I’ve been a mentor, preceptor, charge nurse, and sat on various hospital committees. I obtained my national certification in critical care in 2015, have published several books, speak across the country, host a podcast, obtained my Masters in Nursing Education, and now I create courses specifically for newbie nurses.

I want you to have a smoother journey than I did. I want you to feel supported, encouraged, and able to be your authentic self while learning how to become the nurse you’ve always envisioned you’d become.

Don’t brave the nursing wilderness alone. It would be my joy to be your guide.

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