• Mastering splints, casts, and pain management is just the start
  • Patience, precision, and practical skills are as vital as theoretical knowledge
  • The journey is worth it

Whether it’s through 10+ years of articles, courses, podcasts, emails, or events, my #1 priority is to help you feel confident and competent at the bedside in an orthopedic unit.

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If you’re gearing up for clinicals or have recently stepped into a role as an orthopedic nurse, we’re here to support you with the vital knowledge you need, the essential questions to ask, and an insight into what to expect, helping you embark on your learning journey with assurance.

While your nursing school textbooks and preceptorship lay the groundwork, here at FreshRN, we recognize that actual clinical practice in orthopedics often differs from textbook scenarios. You passed your orthopedic nursing exams some time ago. Your hospital expects you to have a firm understanding of orthopedic nursing and will concentrate on honing your hands-on skills rather than revisiting basic concepts.

Consider the natural tendency to want to demonstrate competence and knowledge as the new member of the orthopedic team. It’s normal to feel reluctant to ask questions, worrying about appearing inexperienced. Yet, this hesitation might cause crucial aspects to be missed. The resources we offer aim to tackle this and equip you with the confidence and clarity needed in your role as an orthopedic nurse!

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Kati Kleber MSN RN CCRN K headshot square Kati Kleber, MSN, RN

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