• Learning how to manage your time is just as important as clinical skill.
  • Even new graduates bring value to the table.
  • Thought assessments, prioritization, and relatable patient education are key.

Working in a med-surg unit builds a strong nursing foundation, with diverse patient care experiences that develop critical thinking and assessment skills.

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If you’re a new med-surg nurse, we understand the unique challenges you may face as you begin your journey. While your nursing school education and time during orientation are essential, they may not fully prepare you. At FreshRN, we’re here to support you with the resources you need to build your confidence and succeed in your new role.

Our collection of resources for new med-surg nurses covers everything from time management to patient care scenarios, ensuring that you have the knowledge and skills to handle any situation. We know that it’s common for new nurses to feel the pressure to appear smart and capable, but we believe that asking questions is an essential part of learning. That’s why we encourage you to seek answers to any questions you may have so that you can fully understand the “why” behind the “what.”

As you embark on this exciting new chapter in your nursing career, we hope you’ll take advantage of our resources and support. We’re here to help you grow as a nurse and achieve your goals, one step at a time.

Nursing Report Basics min


Nursing Report Basics

Nurse Report Basics

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Mission Accomplished

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Get Confident in your Med-Surg Skills

ECG Rhythm Master

Med-Surg Mindset: A crash course for new med-surg nurses


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