Patient Pathways for Med-Surg Nurses – Trauma Patients

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Who You’ll Hear

Kati Kleber, MSN RN– Nurse educator, former cardiac med-surg/stepdown and neurocritical care nurse, author, and speaker.

Hannah Schlake, BSN RN CMSRN – ICU nurse in Surgical ICU, preceptor and a charge nurse.

What You’ll Learn

  • Surgical floor description
  • Sample report
  • Managing pain meds for patients with profound injuries 
  • Collaborating with physical therapy
  • Reenforcing the doctor’s plan of care

Patient Pathways – Trauma Patient Show Notes

More About Hannah

She graduated from nursing school in 2018 and is currently an ICU nurse at a Magnet-designated, level-one trauma center in Chicago, IL. She works in a Surgical ICU that sees a wide variety of surgical patients including those from vascular, thoracic, transplant, plastics, and trauma services. Previously, she worked for three years on a surgical floor where she served as a preceptor and a charge nurse. Hannah is passionate about helping other nurses develop confidence and positive self-talk, keen critical thinking skills, and a sustainable work-life balance.

Sample Trauma Patient Report Highlights

  • ORIF -Open Reduction Internal Fixation Surgery
  • PRBC – packed red blood cell
  • Packed red blood cells are typically given in situations where the patient has either lost a large amount of blood or has anemia that is causing notable symptoms.
  • External Fixators
    • Most common on lower extremities
    • Metal fixator on the outside
    • Pin Care
  • Downgraded
  • PCA (patient-controlled analgesia)
  • Bilateral edema
    • Venous duplex
    • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • TLSO Brace – Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis


After Report Priorities

  • Managing pain meds for patients with profound injuries
    • Wean off PCA and onto oral meds 
  • Collaborate with PT
  • Reenforcing the doctor’s plan with the patient

More Resources for Med Surg Nurses

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Picture of Kati Kleber, founder of FRESHRN

Hi, I’m Kati.

Kati Kleber, MSN RN is a nurse educator, author, national speaker, host of the FreshRN® Podcast, and owner of FreshRN® – an online platform created to educate, encourage, and motivate newly licensed nurses in innovative ways.

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