• Knowing what to expect enhances performance
  • Giving yourself permission to be a beginner is crucial
  • You will feel clunky and awkward at first, and that’s 100% normal

Nursing school is an exhausting and stressful journey, but it’s 100% worth it and doable – with a little help and encouragement from nruses who care. You’ve got this!

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If you’re about to start nursing school or are already deep into it, we’re here to support you with tips, tricks, encouragement, and advice. Our goal is to help you not only thrive in school but also ensure a smooth transition into practice after you graduate.

Achieving success in nursing school demands time, intention, and meticulous organization. Unlike many other majors, you can’t just tackle tasks on a week-by-week basis. In nursing, you’ll find yourself managing clinicals, med quizzes, math tests, comprehensive exams, sim labs, standardized tests, care plans, papers, and more, all at the same time. We understand that mastering all these facets doesn’t come naturally and that consistent support is essential as you delve into this intricate realm.

That’s where FreshRN steps in. Comprised of seasoned nurses who’ve walked your path, we genuinely care about your success. We’re not bound by rigid expectations from university deans or accrediting bodies regarding what to teach. Instead, we draw from our own experiences of the questions, fears, and challenges we faced during nursing school, creating resources to bridge those gaps.

We are nurses with a profound passion for mentoring students. Our mission is to demystify the perspectives of nurses in clinical settings, your professors, and clinical instructors. We aim to share what they might be thinking but aren’t verbalizing, offering you invaluable insider advice and insights.

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10 Mistakes Most Nursing Students Make

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Mission Accomplished

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