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Your first year as a registered nurse is challenging and with this podcast, your host, Kati Kleber, hopes to dispel myths, offer encouraging words, and fill in some of the blanks left from nursing school to enable you to excel in your first job as a registered nurse. Kati features many guests throughout the episodes, and they dive into topics like what new grad hospital orientation is really like, code blues, time management, delegation, patient deaths, and more.

Please note, while patient experiences are discussed, their identifying details have been changed to protect their privacy and uphold HIPAA.

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The FRESHRN® Podcast with Kati Kleber

Why I Hate “Fake it Til You Make it”

Why I Hate “Fake it Til You Make it”

“Fake it til you make it” is a common term we use to encourage people who are learning in a really intimidating and challenging environment. In this episode, Kati discusses why she’s not a fan of that saying.

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Should I Work in the ICU as a New Grad?

Should I Work in the ICU as a New Grad?

Should I work in the ICU as a New Grad? A Fresh RN VIP asked if it would be wise to work in the ICU as a new grad. Listen for Kati’s perspective and some Q&A from her Instagram followers.

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  1. Most Common New RN Questions – And Answers!
  2. Behind the Scenes of Oncology Nursing: Insights from Two Nursing Leaders at St. Jude’s
  3. Nurse Residency Programs – An Interview With Nursing Leaders From St. Jude’s (Part 1)
  4. Celebrating 10 Years – Featuring Guest Host Brittney Wilson, BSN RN
  5. What’s the Big Deal With Delirium? An Interview with Sarah from the Rapid Response RN Podcast
  6. From Chaos to Clarity: Tackling Delirium in the Hospital Setting as a Nurse
  7. [Partial Dose] “What Are Your Weaknesses?” How to Answer This Common Nursing Interview Question
  8. Nurses Arrested After Missing Dressing Changes
  9. [Partial Dose] What to Say When a Patient Wants to Harm Themselves
  10. The Ideal NCLEX Study Timeline
  11. 4 Nurses on TikTok Fired: My Thoughts
  12. NCLEX Next Generation and NCLEX FAQ’s
  13. Major Differences Between ER Nurses and Floor Nurses
  14. 4 Reasons Why Nurses are Mean to Nursing Students
  15. Maureen Osuna, MSN RN – An Interview with Nurse Mo, MSN RN
  16. How to Study for Nursing School
  17. The Power of a Quick Win
  18. How to Pass Nursing School Exams
  19. Military Nursing – An Interview with a 20-Year Veteran, Julie Florentin, DNP Student
  20. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Researcher – An Interview with Tamar Rodney, PhD, MSN, RN PMHNP-BC, CNE
  21. What’s a Death Doula? An Interview with Melanie Sheckles
  22. Traits to Develop as a New Grad Nurse – An Interview with Nurse Mo, MSN RN
  23. Why I Hate “Fake it Til You Make it”
  24. RaDonda Vaught Sentencing Play-By-Play
  25. How to Take Charge of Your Nursing Career – An Interview with Irnise F. Williams, JD RN
  26. Are Digital Stethoscopes Worth The Money?
  27. Should I Work in the ICU as a New Grad?
  28. My Thoughts on Nurses Week and Reaction to Amber Heard’s Private Nurse’s Testimony
  29. What’s an Awake and Walking ICU? An Interview with Kali Dayton, DNP AGACNP
  30. Common Questions about Malpractice Insurance for Nurses
  31. RaDonda Vaught Trial – Part 2, Interview with Lorie Brown, RN MN JD
  32. Deep Dive: RaDonda Vaught Trial, Charges, and Timeline
  33. Surviving Your First Code Blue – Interview with Will Kelly, MSN FNP-C
  34. How to Study for the CCRN [Critical Care Certification Exam]
  35. Deconstructing the NYT Article and My Thoughts on the “Nursing Shortage” Bonus Episode
  36. When You Want More, But Your Brain Stops You
  37. Exploring Publication Bias
  38. Communication Tips – Your Loved Ones
  39. Communication Tips – Difficult Conversations
  40. Communication Tips – Patients and Their Support Systems
  41. Communication Tips – Other Members of the Healthcare Team
  42. Communication Tips – Your Nursing Team
  43. Patient Pathways – Whipple
  44. Patient Pathways – OMFS
  45. Patient Pathways – Trauma Patient
  46. How I Got Started in Nursing
  47. Is Nursing Sustainable?
  48. I Finally Know What I Am Doing – Now What?
  49. How to Prepare for Your First Shift
  50. When You Don’t Land Your Dream Job
  51. What Does a High Performing New Grad Look Like?
  52. The Unspoken Nursing Hierarchy and Why It’s Garbage
  53. Nursing Interview Questions: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  54. Proactively Preventing Nurse Burnout
  55. Unwritten Rules of Nursing
  56. Tips for New Charge Nurses
  57. Tips for New Nurse Preceptors
  58. Back to Nursing Basics
  59. When Nurses Should Call the Rapid Response Team
  60. Nurses and the Coronavirus: Current PPE Recommendations Dissected
  61. Nurses and the Coronavirus: Coping With Fear
  62. Nurses and the Coronavirus: Background, Boundaries, and Fear
  63. How to Deal With Family Members (who are not mad at you)
  64. What Nursing Teamwork Practically Looks Like at the Bedside
  65. Nursing Considerations with Brain Death and Organ Procurement
  66. Nursing Considerations for Organ Procurement
  67. Tips for Floating to Another Unit
  68. All Things Urinary Catheters
  69. Talking to Unconscious Patients
  70. How to Trust Your Nursing Judgment
  71. Intensive Care Devices: Part 2
  72. Intensive Care Devices: Part 1
  73. How to Navigate Nursing Conferences
  74. What Nurses Need to Know About Palliative Care
  75. Understanding Nursing Leadership
  76. All Things Respiratory
  77. What Nurses Need to Know About Sepsis
  78. Nursing Certifications- The What, Why, How, and When
  79. Tips for Cardiac Nurses
  80. Patients We Will Never Forget
  81. Tips for Working Night Shift
  82. Code STEMI, Code Stroke, Code Sepsis
  83. Dealing with a Negative Unit Culture, Nurse Bullies, and Confrontation
  84. Tips for New Grad Nurses on Resumes, Applications, and Interviews
  85. Nurses Make Mistakes
  86. Pain Management Tips
  87. Tips for New Grads in the ICU
  88. Neuro Nurse Tips for Newbies Part 3: Meds, Diagnostics, Monitoring, and Surgeries
  89. Neuro ICU Nurse Tips for Newbies, Part 2: Disease Processes
  90. Neuro Nurse Tips for Newbies, Part 1: When to Worry, Disease Processes
  91. Nursing Report for Newbies
  92. Time Management Tips for New Nurses
  93. Dealing With Patient Deaths
  94. Diagnostics for New Nurses
  95. Dealing with Difficult Patients and Families
  96. If it Wasn’t Documented, It Wasn’t Done
  97. Delegation for New Nurses
  98. Working With Physicians
  99. Nursing Work-Life Balance
  100. What to do During a Code
  101. Central Venous Catheters 101
  102. What to Expect During Your New Graduate Nursing Orientation

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