• It’s important to be yourself, but the profesionnal version of yourself.
  • Even new graduates bring value to the table.
  • Employers can teach clinical skills – they care more about your character and reliability.

It’s not just about finding someone who will hire you. It’s about entering into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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“There’s a nursing shortage.”

We naturally assume that because of this, landing our dream job will be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Good hospitals are often very competitive, and to secure those positions, you have to be a top candidate. But… what does a top candidate look like? Are they experts at things like meds, procedures, education, and more?

Unfortunately, many new grads or nurses in a new role often feel ill-prepared for those responsibilities, so it can feel next to impossible to articulate the value you bring.

At FreshRN, we deeply understand this sentiment because we’ve experienced it firsthand. We’ve been in the interview seat, grappling with nerves, doubting our qualifications, and hoping against hope for a job offer. To help streamline this process for you, we’ve developed a repository of resources. This includes blog posts, resume templates, mini-courses, and our comprehensive, one-stop, all-access resource: Hired.

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Kati Kleber MSN RN CCRN K headshot square Kati Kleber, MSN, RN

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The founder and educator behind FreshRN® is a nurse educator, author, national speaker, host of the FreshRN Podcast, and owner of FreshRN® – an online platform created to educate, encourage, and motivate newly licensed nurses in innovative ways.