What Do You Think of When You Hear the Word “Nurse”?

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When you hear the word “nurse” .. what do you think? What do you see? More importantly, what do you feel?

I see a person, standing there in the middle of chaos – with a subtle grin.   Someone that can not only handle the world flying by them a million times a minute, but they kind of enjoy it.

Technology is constantly changing. Residents are in and out. New process, procedures and policies come out so fast you barely had time to learn about that last change. Every few years there are new faces in administration.

But the nurse remains.

The nurse stays steady at the helm.

Because even though things are constantly changing, at the end of the day, there is still a person who craves caring for and being with people – and that’s all that matters.

They crave the one-on-one, “I’m right here for you,” “don’t give up,” moments. The “I know you’re really scared – I’m not going to leave you” moments. The “I don’t care if I make this doctor, administrator, or coworker mad because I am standing up for my patient because they deserve better than that” moments.

They’ll deal with working overtime. They’ll deal with confusing charting systems. They’ll deal with practically humanly impossible requirements for charting and tasks to make sure all of the bases are covered legally for the hospital. They’ll come in early. They’ll stay late. They’ll miss time with their loved ones to go to work and care for people.   They’ll push themselves. They’ll do the things they hate doing (you know…making others mad, disappointing people, frustrating people, annoying people) just to advocate for their patients. And would do so in a heartbeat. A PQRS.

When I hear nurse – I see that confident person in the middle of a crowded room, while the world races by them…sitting there quietly.

They are connecting with a patient, and completely oblivious to the madness around them.

And the patient feels connected.

The patient feels safe.

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