FreshRN 10 Year Anniversary!

FreshRN, a leading online resource for new nurses founded by Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, is proud to announce its 10-year anniversary. To celebrate this incredible milestone, FreshRN is offering a 30% off sale on all courses from April 23-29, 2023 with promo code 10YEARS. The sale is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing valuable education and support for nurses entering the workforce.

Since its inception in 2013, FreshRN has grown from an anonymous Nurse Eye Roll brand on Twitter and Tumblr to a thriving platform that has touched the lives of thousands of nurses. Kati Kleber, who began her journey as a full-time neuro ICU nurse, has since become a renowned nurse educator, author of five books, and creator of an engaging brand that has gained extensive media coverage.


Some notable achievements of FreshRN and Kati Kleber throughout the years include:

  • Successfully launching the nursing blog and publishing the best-selling book Becoming Nursey, which has sold thousands of copies and has 600+ Amazon Reviews
  • Gaining widespread media coverage in outlets such as Prevention Magazine, The Washington Post, TODAY Show website, AARP, and US News and World Report
  • Being recognized with prestigious awards, including Nurse of the Year from Charlotte Business Journal and being named one of the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina, both in 2015
  • Publishing What’s Next and Admit One in collaboration with the American Nurses Association (ANA)
  • Launching the popular FreshRN Podcast and releasing the second edition of Becoming Nursey called Anatomy of a Super Nurse with the ANA
  • Debuting the well-received Neuro Nurse Crash Course as the premiere course, and obtaining an MSN in Nursing Education, both in 2018
  • Surpassing the impressive milestone of $1,000,000 in total course sales
  • FreshRN has published 10 paid courses, 400+ blog posts, and nearly 200 YouTube videos. Her email list boasts over 35,000 nurses, and her social media presence reaches more than 250,000 followers.
  • Kati Kleber’s passion for helping new nurses transition into their careers is the driving force behind FreshRN’s continued success. She has dedicated herself to providing practical advice, valuable resources, and a supportive community for nurses navigating the challenges of their profession.

As FreshRN celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the company is thrilled to offer a 30% discount on all courses and products, allowing even more nurses to benefit from Kati’s expertise and experience. Don’t miss this limited-time offer to join the thousands of nurses who have found inspiration, support, and growth through FreshRN’s comprehensive resources at

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Kati is available for interviews, commentary, and media to discuss the anniversary, her experience as a nurse entrepreneur, and upcoming sale. Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

About FreshRN

FreshRN, founded by Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, is an online platform dedicated to supporting and educating new nurses. With engaging courses, informative blog posts, and a supportive community, FreshRN provides the tools and resources necessary for nurses to thrive in their careers. Kati Kleber’s commitment to empowering new nurses has made FreshRN an essential destination for those seeking to excel in the nursing profession. 

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