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pharmacology for nurses

Hands down, the hardest class in nursing school for me was pharmacology.  I’m bad at straight forward memorization, especially when it’s medications I’ve never actually used or seen in real life.  Naturally, I squeaked by with a B in Pharmacology.  I scoured the internet for various resources, but didn’t find much. Luckily there are pharmacology for nurses resources that can help!

Alas, students – never fear!  I have found an amazing pharmacology for nurses resource out there that is AWESOME.  It was created and developed by nurses that were also disappointed in the resources available online for nursing school pharmacology.  So thank you to Jon Haws and his team at NRSNG.com for partnering with me for this.

Let me give you that stats on this course, the MedMaster Course from NRSNG.com …

  • It is an online course that you can go through at your own pace.
  • The content comes in various forms:  lectures, outlines, typed transcripts, and videos.  You can tailor your experience to how you prefer to learn.
  • Topics include:  NCLEX “Must Knows”, Math for Meds, Must Know Medication Classes, 130 Commonly Tested Medications, Disease-Specific Pharmacology, Handouts and Freebies, and 90 Practice NCLEX Questions!

Medications and math were pretty tough for me, so having someone show me how to do basic calculations and being able to stop and start the explanation would have been extremely valuable to me during school.  We had to get 90% or above on all math tests in school, which made me pretty anxious.  And it was difficult to find resources online that adequately addressed my questions.

I’ve checked out all the modules and needless to say, I’m pretty impressed.  You can listen to some lectures, print off their outlines and make your own notes, and watch videos.  I wish I had this when I was in school.  Learning medication and math basics is tough, but ever-so essential.  And if I knew about this course when I was studying for my CCRN, I would have utilized it for that as well.

So, if you are like me and struggle with pharmacology and/or math, or are going to be taking pharmacology this upcoming year in nursing school, or are preparing to take the NCLEX and struggling with meds, I highly recommend this course.  Going through this before actually having the course would put you way ahead of the game when you actually have to take pharmacology.

Check out the MedMaster Course!

MedMaster Course

Please note, I was not compensated in any way for this post.  I believe in Jon, his team, and the work they do to help out nurses and nursing students.  I think it is exceptional and of high quality.  The above links are affiliate links and I may be compensated in the event that you decide to purchase the course.  Please know my opinions are my own and everything I have said I have said it with honesty and integrity and believe in this product.  It would not on my website otherwise.  

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