At the start of the year I asked on Facebook what some of your best Nurse Hacks were. As usual, the responses were amazing.
At the start of the year I asked on Facebook what some of your best Nurse Hacks were. As usual, the responses were amazing. They were all so valuable that they just had to become a blog post!

Nurse Hacks From Experienced Nurses

When removing tegaderm stretch it and it releases from the skin like one of those 3m hooks on the wall!! It’s amazing!!! *Bre Harris

I always keep a post-it note card on my badge–then when I’m in a patients room and I notice things like tubing due to be changed, fluids running low, pain meds are due at such time I write it down and look at my badge before coming back…helps cut down on my trips! *Ryann Elder

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Signal boost these!

Mark the vein where you are going to stick with the IV needle cap. Just gently press and it leaves a non permanent mark for a couple minutes that doesn’t go away when you wipe with alcohol. If the vein is prone to rolling this will also let you see which direction it will go when it rolls. *Taylor Rutherford

Instead of writing on skin, stick a tegaderm to the inside of your wrist and then write on that. Doesn’t come off when you wash your hands. Erase with an alcohol pad. *Taylor Rutherford

A good attitude. Period. There is no mishap that can tear apart a team or a shift like a person who shows up pre-grumpy. And multicolored pens. Always have multicolored pens. *Ju D Anjos

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To save time and money, I bring all three of my lunches at the beginning of the week. Usually three frozen meals and then a lunch bag of healthy snacks. Keeps me healthy and away from vending and cafeteria on stressful days. *Julia Williams

Always keep flush, alcohol swabs and caps in your pockets. You WILL need it and if you don’t guarantee a co-worker will. *Angela Cbey

Use a basin as trash bucket. It is amazing how much trash is generated when starting an IV or hanging IV meds. *Sarah Miller

Words to live by y’all:

Never pass up a chance to pee. Even if you don’t feel the urge. You may not get another chance that shift. *Katherine Enderby

Make sure there’s a spare sick bowl in every room at start of shift. Quick easy access is a lifesaver! And saves the sheets too… *Josh Ditte

nurse hacks

For even more Nurse Hacks check out the Facebook post.

What Nurse Hack do you have to add?

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