My MSN Journey

My MSN Journey

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It seems like so long ago that I started out on my journey to earn my MSN. But in reality, it was just 17 short months ago. My MSN Journey was a whirlwind and I am so pleased with how it all worked out.

*Results vary. The typical FlexPath MSN learner completes the program in about 2 years.

Getting Started

Before I got started I remember checking out a free FlexPath Trial course. This allowed me to get a good idea for what classes were like and what I was in for. This was so wonderfully helpful as I hadn’t been in school for 7
years. I was able to plan how I would complete my MSN.

My first class went well; I just had to remembered how to cite in APA and get into a routine with completing assignments. One of the best things for me in the FlexPath program is being able to set my own schedule and target dates for assessments. Before I knew it, I had completed my first class.

I found that having a process for completing assessments helps me complete each FlexPath course faster. Reviewing what is expected of me for each class is always my first step so I don’t go in the wrong direction accidentally. After ensuring I knew what was expected of me, I made sure to read all of the recommended reading material with each assessment to thoroughly understand the content. Then, I’d sit down to write.

One of my favorite things about FlexPath is that it really does fit into my life. I started this program right after moving from North Carolina to Illinois, and during its completion I started a new job and ran my own business from home.

Moving Right Along

Before I knew it I was done with 5 of my classes. I learned I needed to change how I found sources and actually started off with researching those before I wrote anything, so I wouldn’t waste time. I also learned some things that changed how I did things on the job.

Life decided to throw us another curve and we found out we were expecting another baby. During my 10th class I realized I needed to kick it into high-gear to finish before the baby. I sat down with my husband and decided that it would be important for me to devote more time to its completion to ensure I was completely done before we were taking care of a newborn! We then changed up our childcare routine with our 2 year-old and made sure I had more time to progress faster through the program.

By August of 2018 I was 75% done. I was working on my final classes while getting my practicum set up. Getting that set up was a smooth process, especially because I knew exactly where I hoped to complete the practice immersion hours.

Starting my Practicum and Capstone Project

I then started my practicum. My preceptor was nurse educator who are responsible for the new graduate-residency program at a local hospital. The residency program is accredited and highly successful, and I actually went through it myself as a new graduate nurse eight years ago! It was the perfect fit for my practicum and I learned so much.

In addition to completing 100 hours of practice immersion, I had to complete a capstone project. My capstone project was a 37-page paper creating a specific intervention for a need within a population. I decided to write about caring for patients and colleagues suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). I learned so much from my preceptor, her entire team, and the research necessary to complete the project.

My MSN Journey Comes to an End

Then just as soon as I felt like I had started, I had finished. Just one week before the baby came I proudly updated all my credentials to say Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K!

I know that without Capella and their FlexPath program there is no way I could have earned my MSN at this time of life. I thought I was too busy and that I couldn’t pause life to fit an MSN into it. But with the flexibility of the FlexPath program and the ability to adjust deadlines, I was able to fit the MSN into my life. I was able to move across the country, start a new job, maintain my own business, and walk through an entire pregnancy all while pursuing my MSN.