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Please note, this post was originally written in 2014 and updated in 2017

Finding scrubs that fit well has always been a challenge for me, which is why I like doing these scrub reviews. I am hoping to save you a little cash so you don’t waste money on something that doesn’t work.  I also know how nurses appreciate the opinion of other nurses who have actually worn the scrubs while taking care of patients. I’m writing this FIGS Scrubs Review from that perspective, as I’ve worn these for many shifts at the bedside.

FIGS Scrubs Review from a Nurse

Hi, my name is Kati and I am a nurse.

((Hi, Kati))

I’ve been a nurse since 2010 and I’ve tried many scrubs. Dickies, Cherokee, Greys, Butter-Soft, you name it… I’ve tried it, spend my hard-earned nurse dollars on it, and awkwardly fit into them.

I tried FIGS Scrubs when they first came on the market in 2014.  I really liked them, but noticed after a while they broke down in the wash a bit. I am happy to say that they have changed their fabric a bit and significantly increased their durability.  Oh, and they now have TALL scrub pants. Glory be to God.

This review has been updated to reflect their current products and design.

These scrubs gracefully straddle the line between soft and durable.  Greys are too soft. Dickie and Cherokee are too crunchy.  (In my opinion, of course…)

Specific FIGS details – the pros

Let me just go ahead, in true nurse form, and just give you a detailed report on them:

They have a yoga-pants style waistband. This means when I’m bending over to pick something up off of the floor, bending over to do CPR, or sneaking in between an IV pump, the bed, feeding pump, the wall, and the chair just to plug something in.. my butt isn’t hanging out.

They’re antimicrobial.

They’re water resistant. Once I was flushing my patient’s feeding tube and they suddenly sneezed, splashing me with water and pre-digested enteral tube feeding. ((Dry heaves.)) The enteral feeding rolled right off of my scrub top instead of absorbing into it.  Woo hoo!

They have odor control. (You’re welcome, coworkers.)

They’re wrinkle-free and pre-shrunk.

For every set purchased, they donate a set to a health care professional in need. If you click here, you can see photos of them bringing scrubs to people in need. Loves it.

They’re designed in a functional way. Someone spent a lot of time perfecting the design of these scrubs. (And I can truly speak to that, after trying both the first ones and the updated!)  I don’t feel like I’m wearing boxy, rough, wrinkly scrubs. They fit like the clothes I wear in my normal, non-hospital life.

I especially appreciate the pants. They have a really solid yoga pant waist band, and it’s not one of those that loosens with time like most yoga pants. It’s stood the test of of time and not loosened on me. The Kade cargo pants are made really well structurally and the leg pocket is great. I’ve worn cargo scrub pants before where if I put my phone or something slightly heavy in the leg pocket, it really weighs the pants down or the item droops/practically falls out when bending. Not with these. The leg pocket is quite sturdy. I keep my phone in the smaller inside pocket and my report sheet folded in half in the outside pocket.

Specific FIGS details – the cons

I can’t just chat about all of the pros though. Let’s go over some cons.

So, these are definitely at a higher price point than other scrubs.  They are about $38 for a top and $48 for the bottom.

Some tops are also a bit light on pockets… and I know nurses love pockets!  The Catarina top (pictured above) fits great, but it doesn’t have those classic two pockets to store your stuff in… they have one breast-pocket instead. I do typically wear a jacket or vest, so that isn’t much an issue for me personally, but I do know some people who are very specific about the amount of pockets for their scrubs. So, keep that in mind!

They also don’t have that badge reel clip that a lot of newer scrubs are starting to have. You know, it’s a small hook near the shoulder of the scrubs to clip your badge on to. I like when scrubs have those, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me if it’s not there.

Other FIGS things

They’ve come out with additional products that I tried and wear quite a bit. My favorite non-scrub item they have are their compression socks.

FIGS compression socks offer 20-30 mmHg compression, are long enough and sturdy enough to stay put for 12-hours, and I’ve washed them quite a few times since I got them a few months ago and they’ve withstood the washings and have not faded. They come in the pictured cranium pink, grey pills, or a slick black and grey.

My previous top compression socks were Cherokee True Support, and I wore them with each shift, but since switched them out for FIGS.

I also like their Tangier scrub jacket. But don’t make the mistake I did and order a size too large! I assumed it’d be a big small and I like my scrub jackets a little on the larger side, but man… it was definitely too big!

If you decide you’d like to order some FIGS Scrubs, enter the code FIGSKATI at checkout to receive 15% off of one order!

Click here to order!

And if you’re a student, sign up for their student program and get 20% off.

I also recommend signing up for their email list, because they frequently send out emails with discount codes.

Final thoughts

The higher price-point is worth it. They last, look sharp and professional, and continually come out with new styles. Like I mentioned, I returned a few items because I purchased a size too big, and exchanging them was a breeze. They provide you with a return sticker and the bag they’re mailed in can be reused to return, if needed. If you sign up for their email list and wait a little bit, you may get emailed some great coupon codes. When you use a discount code on FIGS, they’re practically the same price as the cheaper, but less awesome, scrubs on the market.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get figgy with it.



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