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Central Venous Catheters 101 Show Notes

About the FreshRN Podcast

Your first year as a registered nurse is challenging. This podcast is hosted by Kati Kleber, BSN RN CCRN and Elizabeth Mills, BSN RN CCRN and features experienced nurses from FreshRN.com, who discuss the basics of that first year. From nursing orientation, code blues, tricks of the trade, and personal experiences, to time management, delegation, patient deaths, and more. Please note, while patient experiences are discussed, their identifying details have been changed to protect their privacy and uphold HIPAA.

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This episode discusses the basic information the bedside nurse should know related to central lines or central venous catheters. This includes things you should never do, things you should always do, when to be concerned, and how to educate your patients.

Episode and Show Notes

Central Venous Catheters – Show Notes


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