A Day in the Life of a Nurse

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A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Want a sneak peek into a GIF explanation of a day in the life of a nurse, written by a nurse? Let’s go!

Wake up.

tumblr inline mjiojzTtT41qz4rgp

Walk into work.

See that I’m working with my favorite nurse.

tumblr meftuhMOfe1rvjchw

See my assignment.

tumblr meftbkXyzv1rvjchw

After the 7th interruption during my first assessment.

tumblr inline mskjqdlAnD1qz4rgp

Can’t open a med.

tumblr miyi6qdzle1rp80cmo2 250

When I’ve waited all day for a physician to round and he or she sees the patient without telling me, doesn’t answer their pager or puts in a note

tumblr meftvqXjlN1rvjchw

Chart my assessment on the wrong patient.

tumblr meftlti73U1rvjchw

My patient decides to start deteriorating when everyone needs to pee and/or needs pain meds NOW.

When I’m finally at lunch (at 1400) and someone comes in to tell me something about my patient.

Updating the 4th family member on the phone, because apparently no one talks to each other.

When I get report on my train wreck admit and tell my coworkers about them.

tumblr inline mj9yukRUKy1qz4rgp

9 hours into the shift.

tumblr meftm8NbEH1rvjchw

When I see night shift start to arrive.

After I give report.

tumblr inline mqpkummD1k1qz4rgp

When I get home.

tumblr mlahk2ghdr1qftw9eo1 500

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  1. Sharon Boudreaux

    This is hilarious!


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