Best Nursing Podcasts in 2022

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Nursing is a very stressful profession. Nurses are on their feet all day, taking care of patients and managing a hectic work schedule. No one can fully understand the life of a nurse unless they have worked in the nursing profession.

It might be difficult for a medical professional to keep up with current nursing developments in the fast-paced world of medicine. Many nurses lack time because of their long shifts, battling burnout, and looking for new career possibilities.

Many nurses don’t know that podcasts can be valuable and resourceful to improve their nursing careers. Podcasts are educational audio or video files that can be streamed or downloaded to computers or mobile devices. Nurses can listen to or watch these podcasts anywhere, at any time.

There are many great nursing podcasts that nurses can access for free. The best part about these podcasts is that they offer a variety of topics that are pertinent to the nursing profession.

These highly-rated podcasts for nurses are packed with instant access to the top healthcare experts, academics, researchers, and policymakers.

Best Nursing Podcasts in 2022

Some of these nursing podcasts are short, so nurses can listen or watch them on their break. Other more extensive podcast series offers an engaging experience that allows nurses to fully understand how to work in different disciplines of nursing care.

Each podcast offers a unique insight into the field, providing information on medical topics to help nurses grow professionally and personally. So without any further ado, here are some of the best nursing podcasts in 2022 that nurses should check out!

Best Nursing Podcasts in 2022

Top Podcasts for Nurses in 2022

Whether you are a practicing or student nurse, you will want to check out these top nursing podcasts. Because knowledge is power, so stock up on knowledge and start listening to these must-hear nursing podcasts.

#1. FreshRN

FreshRN provides advice from experienced nurses regarding the basics of the first year on the job. Topics include orientation, code blues, and tricks of the trade to help make that first year as a nurse flow as smoothly as possible.

With a combined 45 years of experience, the hosts of FreshRN have been the recipients of several nursing awards and hold a wide breadth of experience that ranges from cardiac medical-surgical to critical care to neurocritical care.

Now in its sixth season, the podcast offers discussions of personal experiences with time management, work-life balance, and tips for working night shifts. The hosts provide professional insight into the initial stages of being a nurse to help new professionals build confidence and successfully survive their first year.

FreshRN Podcast Review

Dr. Liphart Roads enjoys the variety of topics covered, especially the episode “Unwritten Rules of Nursing,” which provides insight into the nursing culture, making it “an excellent listen for nursing students or new nurse graduates.”

#2. Daily Nurse – NurseCasts

Number one on the list of the best nursing podcasts is a show called Nursecasts. Episodes of Nursecasts can be listened to on the website DailyNurse. The podcast is hosted by Joe Morita, the senior acquisitions editor of Spring Publishing. Each episode features interviews with real nurses and discusses the daily life of working as a healthcare professional and their nursing experience throughout their career.

#3. Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Good Nurse Bad Nurse is a podcast for those who love interesting stories about the healthcare field.

Hosted by two registered nurses, Tina and Sam, every episode has each of them tell a story about working as a nurse. One story, told by the “good nurse” will be uplifting and inspiring. The other story, told by the “bad nurse,” will typically explore the darker side of the healthcare field—such as complications, mistakes, and dangers on the job. This podcast discusses hot-button issues in the medical field and features special guests and interviews with other people with a nursing career.

#4. The Nurse Keith Show

For nurses who want a podcast that focuses mainly on career advice, check out The Nurse Keith Show. Nurse Keith is a registered nurse, board-certified nursing coach, and specialist in holistic healing.

The Nurse Keith show helps nurses make the right choices for their success and encourages listeners to advance their careers and find their path. In addition to career coaching, the podcast also explores current topics in the medical field and interviews other healthcare professionals.

#5. Nursing Show

Nursing Show is one of the best medical podcasts on the scene. For the nurse who wants a clinical skills podcast, Nursing Show offers educational discussions about the healthcare field. Medication usage, helpful tips on daily procedures, and information on medical conditions and modern medicine are all featured topics on this podcast that are accompanied by a lot of insider knowledge.

#6. Nurses in the Know

Nurses in the Know are two nurses (Hannah & Kristen) with a lot of (sometimes bad) jokes inspiring other nurses. Follow them on their journey to obtain more knowledge in the field of nursing as they explore other areas of nursing like besides bedside, cover current trends and events, and host special guest speakers!

Check out the episode featuring Kati of Fresh RN, episode 29. We discuss what it means to be a non-bedside nursing educator and Kati’s role in that position. We also discuss her company, FreshRN, and all of the classes they offer to nurses.

#7. podcast comes from the leading nursing education website ( comes the top nursing podcast. With pharmacology episodes, test-taking tips, student struggles, interviews (with leading nurse advocates like Kati Kleber, Nurse Bass, Nurse Nacole, and more), NCLEX review, we cover the information that nurses need to know to accelerate their career and become incredible RNs.

Check out Kati’s interview with Jon Haws from, Vulnerability, and Confidence as a New Nurse.

#8. Straight A Nursing

Straight A Nursing is a podcast that will help nurses and nursing students do their best at work and get through nursing school. This podcast is essentially a mobile learning lesson each week, but with more entertainment.

Hosted by Nurse Mo, this podcast series delves into educational aspects of the nursing field and offers helpful refreshers and much-needed new information about healthcare work. Nurse Mo also offers a paid podcast subscription called Study Sesh. Study Sesh was designed for nursing students who feel like all they do is sit at a desk and study. With 115 episodes, the topics covered in Study Sesh will help you succeed in your Med Surg, Fundamentals, and Pediatrics courses.

Kati even talked with Nurse Mo about How to Manage Bullying Behavior.

#9. Stories of Self Healing With Nurse Kristin

Nursing podcasts don’t always have to be about succeeding at work. Stories of Self Healing with Nurse Kristin is a podcast for nurses who want to turn their focus inward and work on their triumphs. Kristin’s podcast series focuses on life outside of nursing care and how to balance a career in nursing and your physical and mental health.

Nurse Kristin specializes in nutrition and offers helpful advice on eating right, feeling your best, and switching to healthy and plant-based foods.

#10. Nurse Talk Media

It’s no secret that healthcare is heavily politicized. Nurse Talk Media is a politically centered nursing podcast that covers news, work, and experiences from real nurses. Some topics discussed on this show include:

  • Medical marijuana legality
  • The cost of healthcare and insurance in the U.S.
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Nurse and patient relationship building tips
  • Workplace safety standards

Nurse Talk Media is a podcast for nurses with strong political beliefs who are looking for engaging discussions and up-to-date stories about the current state of healthcare.

#11. Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Make each workday better than the last with this helpful nursing podcast that’s full of career advice. Host Elizabeth Scala presents new ways to approach problems you face working in the healthcare field and encourages listeners to bring a proper mindset into their work.

A wonderful combination of practical advice and psychological elements, Your Next Shift is the perfect podcast for nurses looking to feel good about their careers and continue to make strides toward the life they want.

With new guest speakers each episode, and a ton of thought-provoking topics, you’ll find yourself itching to listen to the next episode.

Benefits of Listening to the Best Nursing Podcasts in 2022

  • There are so many benefits to listening to podcasts.
  • It’s very easy and fast – you don’t even need to watch TV shows or videos, which require time and concentration. A podcast can be started and completed in just a few minutes regardless of where you are.
  • Podcasts often go into greater depth than articles covering the same topic
  • You can learn new skills very quickly with podcasts – it’s probably the quickest way to gain new knowledge on any subject!  They’re also great for when you’re commuting, travelling, walking, working out.
  • Listening to podcasts is a great way to keep your mind active and alert.
  • Podcasts are convenient, quick and versatile – you can learn anything from anywhere at any time with them!

Final Thoughts

You cannot hold a book 24/7 but keep your phone. It is not only about eBooks nowadays. The world has evolved, and audiobooks are also present.

There are many advantages to listening to audiobooks, such as storing the ones you like in your phone or downloading them directly from your phone and listening to them offline (this method works for both smartphones and Tablets).

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