S6E58: Mistakes We Made Being Precepted

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The audio for this podcast did not turn out well. Instead, we have a video of the episode.

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Who You’ll Hear

Kati Kleber, MSN RN CCRN-K – Nurse educator, former cardiac med-surg/stepdown and neurocritical care nurse, author, speaker

Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, a bachelors-prepared registered nurse, is the founder and owner of The Nerdy Nurse, LLC, and TheNerdyNurse.com.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Common Mistakes Made as a Preceptee
  • How to undo being overly confident
  • Nursing is a team sport
  • What teamwork really means

S6E58: Mistakes We Made Being Precepted Show Notes

  • Mistakes made as a preceptee
    • My job is not to show all I know 
    • Self pressure to perform perfectly the first time 
    • It is a learning process not a performance 
  • Nursing school teaches you to be overly confident
    • They tell you from day one that 1 out of 3 won’t make it 
    • You do not have to be perfect, you are still learning
  • Come in hot and overly competent
    • Can you correct that? 
    • Many try and act overly competent, like you belong there, but it can alienate coworkers
    • Your skills will catch up to your confidence 
    • Admit you were wrong or that you don’t know something 
  • Be aware of how often you are correcting a new nurse
    • Are you correcting policies or just your preference? 
    • Every nurse thinks their way is the best way
  • Nursing is a team sport
    • Building good rapport is important 
    • Working with different personalities can be challenging
    • There is no one teaching you to get along 
    • View shifts as working together and a team, everything gets done and flows
  • What does teamwork really mean? 
    • Relying on each other
    • A good preceptor is key
    • Hit the ground running
  • What is a good relationship between a preceptor and preceptee? 
    • Won’t make you feel like a nuisance
    • Don’t pretend like everything is fine
    • Learn personalities and work with your strengths
  • What makes a good preceptor? 
    • A good teacher or mentor
    • Some bad preceptors teach the way they were taught
      • They may not realize what they are doing
  • The things you do for one preceptee with impact every patient they encounter

Mistakes We Made Being Precepted Video

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