Nurse Product Review: Butter-Soft Scrubs from Uniform Advantage

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Please note, this is a sponsored blog post.  All opinions are my own.

For my very first shift, post maternity leave, I wore Butter Soft Scrubs from Uniform Advantage. These soft scrubs will have you looking and feeling great.

This is a review blog post on the Butter-Soft Scrubs from Uniform Advantage.

For my very first shift back on the job, post maternity leave, I wore Butter Soft-Scrubs from Uniform Advantage.  I tried out two different pants, two different tops, and a jacket.The fabric feels pretty similar to other scrubs I’ve purchased.  It’s not dry-fit or anything, they’re the typical scrub material, but definitely smoother/softer than your regular scrubs.

Specific Butter-Soft scrubs sampled

*These are the current prices as of April 16, 2016.  They are all the original prices and do not reflect any sales

I am wearing medium tops, medium tall bottoms, and a large jacket.  For reference, I’m about 5’11” and 170 lbs.

  • UA Butter-Soft STRETCH 8 Pocket Drawstring TALL Scrub Pant – $22.99 (medium)
  • UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Contemporary Fit TALL Drawstring Waist Pant – $20.99 (medium)
  • UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Snap Front Jacket – $19.99 (large)
  • UA Butter-Soft STRETCH Scrubs Empire Waist Top – $17.99 (medium)
  • UA Butter-Soft STRETCH V-Neck Media Scrub Top – $17.99 (medium)


I usually geek out when I find scrubs pants that come in talls.  Not very many brands carry talls, let alone a legit selection.  Both that I tried were straight-leg with a ton of pockets.  I typically wear a flare-leg with minimal pockets, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone!  I have decided I love straight leg pants now..  I think my issue was trying on straight-leg pants that were too short.  Both pants still did have a few more pockets than I’m used to or prefer, but if you are someone that loves a lot of pant-pockets, these will be great for you!  They did have the typical elastic waist band, not a thicker yoga-style one, so I did have to do the “hike up the pants” maneuver prior to bending over and plugging in IV and SCD pumps.

Tops + Jacket

I loved the empire waist top.  It was long enough for my extremely long torso and fit perfectly (see above list for all sizes I used).  I really liked the empire waist combined with the V-neck.  I think it made it look feminine, yet professional.  It definitely accented in the right places, but still covered appropriately at all times.  They also had a nice little pocket inside the right larger pocket and my iPhone 6 fit perfectly in there.  I didn’t have that annoying problem of it falling out of my pocket every time I bent over.  Gross.

The second top was super short on me. I should have realized that before, looking at the pictures online again.  It does look shorter than the others.  I typically barely length-wise fit into an empire waist or wrap waist set of scrubs regardless of the size, so I probably should have anticipated that.  It did look pretty sweet though!  The fabric was the same.  The top has a little hole where you can thread your headphones through.  I can’t see myself actually using that because I have a short commute and don’t wear headphones during work.  But if you’re someone that takes the train or to work, walks, etc. and uses your headphones regularly, that would be a pretty nice feature!  I honestly don’t think I’ve seen scrubs with that before.

I ordered a large jacket because I like my jackets to be a bit bigger. I do not like a tighter scrub jacket.  Mama needs some room to breathe!  I ordered a large and it was much bigger than I had anticipated.  However, with my crazy-long arms, the length of the arms fit well, but the rest ended up being a bit bulky.  I ended up running around like a mad woman during that shift, so I wore it for probably a total of two hours (not long in the nursing world!) but I did like it.  I would order a size smaller next time around though.

My husband’s reaction when I put on these scrubs: “Wow, those are some nice scrubs!  That jacket is kinda big though..”  I know John, I know.  It fits my arms though!

My final thoughts on Butter-Soft

I felt like these scrubs were definitely softer than the cheapest ones out there.  Although, I have definitely worn softer ones.  However, I feel like for this price point that they are extremely comfortable.  If you want crazy smooth and light or dry-fit, you’re definitely looking at at least $30+ a piece.  At full price, these are $20 and less.. I don’t think you can get better quality for that price.  Figure in a sale price, and you’re really getting a good deal for some legit scrubs.  I have only worn and washed these a few times, so I cannot speak to how they hold up over time.
One major con to me is that they are only available at Uniform Advantage and no where else. Here is a link to their website!

Comparable scrub options

I’ve tried out quite a few scrubs in my day. I’ve wasted a LOT of money on them in the past. Below are additional brands I enjoy.

Greys Anatomy Scrubs

Pros – They are extremely soft and snuggly. I mean really soft. They come in talls and the pants fit me well, which is a major plus of mine. They’re available at a ton of places, even the tall pants.

Cons – They are a slightly higher price-point. I have a long torso, therefore the tops are a little short on me and I need to wear a tank top underneath. They can be kind of heavy. No yoga-pant waist band.

Infinity by Cherokee

Pros – lightweight, antimicrobial, yoga-pant waist band, tall options, stretchy sides that move with you, good price point

Cons – they get really hot when you run around. I had a few shifts where we had code and I was sweating and running around and noticed at the end of the day that my skin was irritated and red from the scrubs. Their jacket version looks like an athletic top, so my manager actually made a coworker wear something different once because it didn’t look professional enough.

FIGS Scrubs (my personal favorite)

Pros – really high quality, comes in tall, looks really sharp, comfortable, whenever you purchase a set they donate a set to a healthcare worker in need, great waistband, antimicrobial, fluid-resistant, odor-resistant, comfy yet durable.

Check Out Figs

Use promo code FIGSKATI for 15% off of one order!

Cons – higher price point, only available on their website (, not as many pockets as other brands


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