From One Nurse to Another: An Open Letter to Nurse Nina

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Hey Nurse Nina,

My name is Kati and I’m a critical care nurse in Charlotte, NC. I hope you’re able to read this in your isolation room. I hope some thoughtful soul gave you a computer so that you can do something to pass the time. Let me know if you need some Netflix recommendations, as I am well versed.

My city is preparing like many others, getting isolation units ready and training staff. I can’t help but have your nursey heart on the forefront of my mind as we prepare.

I wanted to let you know that this nation of nurses stands behind you. We commend you for going to work, putting on your protective equipment, and putting your life at risk to stand at the bedside of a deathly ill and contagious patient for twelve hours at a time.

Thank you.

We know how tedious and difficult it is to put and take off on full protective gear over and over again. We know how hot, sweaty and unbearable it gets. We know what it’s like taking care of critically ill patients with constantly changing needs. We know what it’s like standing beside someone for hours at a time, knowing that life is slowly leaving his or her body. We know how much that hurts mentally, physically, and emotionally. We know all of the painful little details of what it’s like to be a critical care nurse. But, because we are nurses we are expected to deal with it with a smile on our face and carry on.

I hope you’re doing the best you possibly can be, kicking Ebola’s butt. I hope your nursey vitals are stable, your labs are improving, and that you’re playing pranks on all of the nurses caring for you. Try to resist the urge to interpret your own telemetry strip.

I’m sure those sequential compression devices are getting annoying and you’re super tired of that hospital bed. We are all praying for a quick and complete recovery.

Also, how awesome is that doctor that donated plasma to you? Major nursey respect, doc. Nurses everywhere love you.

I know that having one of our own nurses fighting this battle hits us all close to home. We all know and accept the risk of caring for people when they are ill. It saddens us when one of our own has been afflicted.

Thank you for caring Mr. Duncan. Thank you for putting your life on the line to provide care for another. I know it’s just part of our job, but it’s a job not everyone is willing to fill.

I also want to thank the nurses caring for you right now as well. You’re all on the same team, #TeamNina – and we’re all praying for the safety and health of the nurses at your bedside and as well as your complete and nursey recovery.

We salute you. We stand with you. We are praying for you all. And we are rallying behind you all.

And hey, #TeamNina – you’re so awesome to us.

From a nurse and her pup to another nurse and her pup, hang in there!  (I promise he’s enthusiastic – he’s just being a grump right now)

Stay nursey. Stay strong.


a nation of nurses and their pups

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