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I know a “brand promise” sounds like such a cliche term, but I want take a moment to let you know what it means when I have reviews on this site.  I believe in transparency and honesty.  So here’s what a review post on my blog really mean..

  1.  My reviews will always be honest.  While I am open to reviewing products for my honest opinion on my site, I am not open to receiving compensation to say I like something when I don’t actually use it.  If I don’t like something, I will say it.  Companies that ask for my opinion know this from the start.  They see the review the same time you do.  They do not get to edit anything to ask me to say something specific, unless it is specific factual information stuff that enables the reader to understand the product better.
  2. A sponsored review means that I was compensated for my time to complete the review.  It takes a decent amount of time to facilitate a review with a company, get and use the product, compile the review, and publish it.  Compensation is for all the time it takes to do that – not for me to say specific things (again, unless it is factual information about the specific product).  With 3 jobs and a new baby, I can’t really afford to devote that much time to something and not be compensated.  Many times companies will also provide discount codes or a giveaway within the review as a gift to readers.  I do not make money for you purchasing items.  The only time I (or anyone on any blog) makes money like that is through what’s called an “affiliate relationship”.  I have two affiliate relationships. One with Amazon and one with NRSNG.com.  Basically that means that if you buy something from Amazon or NRSNG.com through a link from my site, I get a small percent of the sale.  This does NOT occur with review posts.  I feel like that would be dishonest if that was part of review posts.  Companies pay a flat fee prior to the review for my time only.
  3. I get a lot of these requests.  Only a few of them work out.  I’ve had to say no to some because the product isn’t really something that speaks to nurses, the content is inappropriate, or I just didn’t have time.  This is another reason I’ve had to start charging a fee.  I am selective about what goes on this blog because not only is my time valuable.. so is yours.  I don’t want to waste your time with tons of product reviews that are only mildly beneficially to you.  I am selective about these because I want to maximize your time. Because of this, I limit the amount of review posts to 4 per month of nurse-related products/services.
  4. Your trust matters to me. I do not want to do anything to betray that trust.  I commit myself to be honest about the products I try out and what I use and enjoy.  You will never see me post, RT, share, etc. anything that promotes something unless I actually use it.
  5. My YouTube channel will contain nurse-related reviews and other product reviews.  When I find things I like (nurse-related and not), or when I purchase something and find out it’s not what it was made out to be, I want to share that with others.  Becoming a mom, I’ve already found things that I absolutely love and recommend and things that are terrible and a waste of my time and money.  I will utilize my YouTube space for these reviews.
  6. Hannah will probably be in basically all of my video reviews.  It’s just 900 times easier to do these video reviews holding her.  Plus she’s so dang cute.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Thank you for being part of my audience.  I appreciate you and your engagement.  Facilitating these reviews is fun to me because as a consumer myself, I like to be able to provide honest feedback to you.  I hate wasting my time and money on things that don’t live up to what they’re advertised to be.  I hate that as a consumer, I have to constantly read behind the lines and be on the defensive so I don’t get taken advantage of.  Like you, I work hard for my money and really hate it when I pay for something and basically don’t get what I’ve paid for.

It’s hard to find trusted brands that make quality products, so when I do find those, I want to share them with you.

Below is basically a video of the above post.  Hannah was my cohost.  Mac is being a lazy bum in the back.  So basically, it was a normal day 🙂


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