Married To A Nurse – What It’s Really Like

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This is what it’s really like to be married to a nurse! Funny anecdotes written from a nurse’s husband who has lived it.

Life being married to a nurse is completely different than having a wife with other jobs. My husband helped me write this post – it’s all from his perspective!

Relatable Things About Being Married To A Nurse

Which of these does your spouse relate to the most?

#1 No Hugs Right Away

You have to get used to not getting a hug right away when they get home from work.

#2 Gross Dinner Talk

You get nauseated during dinner because they forget who they’re talking to for a minute and bring up work.

#3 Not Understanding Work-Friend Conversations

Whenever you go out to dinner with their work friends you have to occupy yourself while they talk about things you don’t understand.

#4 They Tell Scary Stories

You try your best to forget the stories they tell you so you aren’t constantly reminded how fragile life is.

#5 No Sympathy

You get minimal sympathy when you’re sick. Seriously, nurses deal with so much and they work hard when they don’t feel good, that you’ll be fine.

#6 Learning New Lingo

You pick up on certain phrases and attempt to remember them..
“Ok she’s said that many times before, I’m starting to understand what that means..”

#7 Medical Shows Are No Fun

You can never understand or hear a medical show/movie or part of a show/movie because they start picking it apart immediately.

#8 Heart of Gold

The following were submitted by some social media followers of FreshRN.

Blessing and a curse.. she can make me gag in 2 seconds bout the stuff she sees and treats, I have to be on the verge of death to get any medical treatment (she’s hardcore) but deep down she has a heart of gold.  The way she cares bout people is nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  AND I get to tell people to tell my wife has held life in her hands.. pretty incredible, nurses are humble -@MarkGrzebk

#9 Not Allowed to Whine

There are three parts to being married to a nurse. Chap 1 – Say goodbye to dinner time, Chap 2 – Your bad day will never trump hers so quit, Chap 3 – don’t whine you could be dead. – @Hellllooo_Nurse

#10 On and Off Days Are Different

Personality shifts alone with work schedule!  Work-home exhausted, 1st-day off-comatose, other days off-crazy living life. – @jaime_burg

#11 Allow The Nurse to Sleep

Being self-sufficient, we have enough adults who (some) are capable but too lazy to do yourself.  Understanding that sometimes that extra 15-30 minutes of sleep, or a nap on a day off, can really help with stress. – @Snapple95

#12 Not Wanting To Hear About Work

My husband always tells me ‘whatever you are about to tell me, don’t..’ – @kdotyrn

#13 Leave Nursing Shoes Alone

Spouse advice:  when I leave my nursing shoes outside, just leave them there.  I promise it’s not a mistake.  -@KelseyEMann

#14 Leave Work At Work

My wife and I are both RNs and we leave it all at work. We stick to one-word answers about our day. Good or Bad. The rest is self-explanatory or a HIPAA violation. We also work on each other’s days off so we don’t have to use daycare. -@MurseWisdom

Anonymous Tips About Being Married To A Nurse

These tips are written from a nurse to spouses. They were submitted anonymously, which do you related to the most?

1. Please ask husbands to understand that Seattle Grace aka Greys Anatomy is fiction… And nurses (for the most part) are not running into every exam room for a tryst.

2. After working all day in all manner of bodily secretions from patients, please do not expect a hug/makeout session as soon as we come home.

3. Nurses do not want to have affairs with their sick patients. Not all nurses get struck by the, ill named, “Florence nightingale” effect.

4. Our “scheduled duty” time is not a cut and dry 12 hour shift. There is the 30 minutes attached for report and then the code blue that always happens at shift change.

5. Working with male nurses are no different than working with females, except less pettiness with work days.

6. Do not call during report, and want to chit-chat.

7. Cooking/ordering food on a nurses work-day, by the non-nurse spouse is totally acceptable and appreciated.

8. Once in while starting the nurse spouse vehicle, deicing windows will only have benefits for non nurse spouse on days off 🙂

9. Non-nurse spouse imagine the grossest/messiest/poop filled/puss filled/ phlegm filled/worst family drama filled/urine filled/bloody day, and that’s your spouse’s chosen profession. Be supportive.

10. Please non-nurse spouse understand we nurses, despite all listed in #9, we love our jobs. It is a calling that we answer every day. We do not stop being a nurse on our days off. We are obsessed and probably got a short circuit.

11.  I have noticed in my travels that sadly, there are a lot of nurses that are having marital problems due to bad misconceptions about the nurse/patient, nurse/doctor relationships. Those slutty Halloween costumes and pornographic sketches do not help either.

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