Tricks of the Trade for Nurses [from Twitter]

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I asked the awesome Twitter nurses I interact with to tell me some of their tricks of the trade for nurses.  Needless to say, I definitely learned a lot!  Check it out, new and not-so-new nurses alike!

Tricks Of The Trade From Twitter Nurses

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Tricks of the Trade for Nurses

While the textbooks in nursing school cover proper things like therapeutic communication, sterile procedure, and guidelines for removing a urinary catheter, they don’t discuss some of the more…. ummm…. shall we say, colorful things that help you through a shift. Let’s go through some patient care tricks of the trade for nurses from our fellow nurses on the front lines.


Nursing Procedures

@fewspokenwords  when giving a tube feed turn the patient on their right side to promote gastric emptying and avoid reflux and/or flatus.

@fewspokenwords  if you suspect a central line air embolis, turn the patient on their left side to trap the air in the right atria.

@Kati_Kleber Placing a central line and a feeding tube? Wait until both are done and get one stat cxr.

@FiddleNP  use the back of your glove as a work space and tape dispenser.
@fewspokenwords  use a clipboard as a backboard for infant chest compressions during a code.
@Kati_Kleber Male foley won’t advance? Tilt his thang back towards his head when you meet resistance to advance past the prostate.
@fewspokenwords  nasal trumpet + Foley setup = rectal tube with minimal leakage.
@Kati_Kleber  Put your feeding tube in ice water before insertion and it works better than lube!
@KatiKleber  Use those saline bullets to lavage your vent to also check corneal reflexes.
To learn more about central lines, check out this FreshRN® Podcast episode.


Patient Cleanliness

@rymitch18  foaming shaving cream will promptly remove a BM caked on pts hairy body (Like Tilex in a bathtub is tough on soap scum haha)

@rymitch18  surround pt’s scrotum w sheet, then dump a bag of sugar over it to cover as much as possible. Fluid shifts out into sugar.

@Kati_Kleber  Use that gross floor coffee to absorb stinkyness. Pour 2-3 bags into a trash can!

@Kati_Kleber Diarrhea on a total care? Someone hold legs in a frog position & clean the front & place a towel as a barrier. Roll side to side to clean.
@RNSassyPants  For especially stinky stuff, a tiny dab of vaporub covers almost anything. Also cleans out your sinuses… 😉

@FiddleNP  Running fluids by gravity? Make sure you get the extra air out if the bag so you can hang the next liter without repriming.

For more tips on cleaning a patient, check out this blog post: How to Clean a Poopy Patient





Medication Tips

@FiddleNP critically ill and getting blood products? Remember the K will rise and the iCal will drop, use this to your advantage.
@KaitlynKerrRN  Pt getting high dose or long term antibiotics? Ask for an order for a probiotic, stop the C. Diff before it starts!
@Kati_Kleber Pushing adenosine? 18 gauge in AC with two way stopcock. Med in one, flush in other. BOOM BOOM!
@FiddleNP  Afib with low K and Mag? Treat the mag first if you can or you’ll chase the K. You might even convert ’em
@Kati_Kleber  CHF exacerbation patient needs blood? Ask for IV lasix so you don’t have to deal with resp distress in a few hours…


@Kati_Kleber Proximal occlusion in your IV tubing? Pull back on port closest to bag with 10 ml syringe to get the air out without re-priming.
 For more medication tips, check out this blog post: How to Start a Medication Drip: Basics for Bedside Nurses 


Patient Comfort

@RNSassyPants  Simply Noise plays free white noise. Warm blanket, lights out, noise on. Knocks out even the sundowners.

@PaulMuzopappa  give sundowners a job to do. Have them fold towels. Innocuous and keeps them busy for 20 min while you wait for the meds…
@Txgrobie  for nausea…wave an alcohol pad under the patient’s nose while they breathe deeply.
@Kati_Kleber Call NICU for a head pillow as a make-shift scrotal pillow for scrotal edema
@Kati_Kleber More for scrotal edema: rolled up pillow case = make shift banana hammock

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